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¡Estamos orgullosos de ser una práctica basada en referencias!

2018, 2019,2022 voted Top Doctors by Portland Monthly Magazine


Welcome to Active Living Chiropractic, where we seamlessly integrate chiropractic  sports medicine, rehabilitation, massage and acupuncture. At the core of our approach is a profound appreciation for the individuality of each patient, recognizing their unique aspirations for a vibrant and active life.

Our commitment extends beyond merely providing care; we cultivate a scientifically evidence-based environment that marries expertise with a tranquil, inviting ambiance. At Active Living Chiropractic, we acknowledge the distinctiveness of every patient, and our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is poised to tailor custom treatments that align with your specific needs, facilitating your return to the activities you cherish.

In your pursuit of wellness, we bring an unparalleled fusion of integrity, sincerity, and compassion to your experience. Beyond chiropractic insights, we empower you with knowledge on nutrition, self-directed exercises, biomechanics, and lifestyle adjustments to actualize your goals. Our focus remains steadfast on delivering premier treatments while incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Discover firsthand why our patients revel in their visits to our clinic by scheduling an appointment today. Our growth, rooted solely in the endorsements of our satisfied patients and trusted referrals from physicians, has led us to expand our services to two locations.

Elevate your wellness journey with Active Living Chiropractic – where personalized care meets modern excellence.

¡Estamos orgullosos de ser una práctica basada en referencias!

Lisa Gibson
Great Britain Olympic Women's Water Polo Team
2012 London Olympics

In just one session,

I felt the difference

Dr. Bermudez took the time to talk with me about the pain I was experiencing and about the outdoor activities I enjoy, so he was able to give me the right advice. He was able to get me back to 100% much faster because of that.

Typing at Desk

I was struggling at work because of overuse of the mouse and keyboard. Dr. Bermudez got me back into things quickly and without resorting to medications.


All In One Location!

Active Living Chiropractic offers a wide range of treatment options to help you get back to doing the things you love. After a thorough history and evaluation, we will explain and discuss your treatment options that best fit your needs.

No more traveling between locations for care. Chiropractic treatment, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, cold laser and modalities are available at all locations! 


Restore joint function and eliminate pain by relieving pressure, reducing inflammation, and improving nerve function in the spine and extremities.

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Massage therapists work on muscle and other soft tissue to help relieve muscle pain and tightness. The type of massage depends on your needs and physical condition. 

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Using controlled movements and stretches physical therapy helps reduce pain, improve movement, and recover from injury. 

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Acupuncture is one of the major treatment methods used in Eastern Asian medicine. Like all healing techniques used in this ancient medical system, Acupuncture works with the body’s inherent vital energy, or “Qi” (pronounced “chee”).

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OptoGait technology quickly and accurately evaluate gait, running, jumping, balance, reaction, fall prevention, efficacy of your orthotics/braces, and much more. 

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Quienes somos

Somos un equipo de médicos y profesionales de la salud dedicados que se especializan en brindar atención médica de calidad y servicio excepcionales. Nuestro objetivo es ser reconocidos como líderes en servicios quiroprácticos y Medicina alternativa complementaria (CAM) utilizando técnicas superiores y las últimas innovaciones. Creamos una atmósfera de cooperación médico-paciente trabajando por un objetivo común en un entorno elegante y relajante. Brindamos calidad y servicio excelentes y consistentes sin compromiso.

Como nos comportamos

Demostramos nuestras creencias de manera más significativa por la forma en que nos tratamos y por el ejemplo que nos damos. Valoramos todas nuestras interacciones con nuestros pacientes, socios comerciales y colegas siempre bajo el principio "haz con los demás lo que te hubieras hecho a ti". Siempre colocamos a las personas por encima de las ganancias y a los pacientes por encima de todo.

Lo que creemos

Nuestro mayor activo y clave de nuestro éxito es nuestro equipo. Creemos que cada uno de nosotros necesita un sentido de distinción, orgullo, satisfacción y propiedad en lo que hacemos. Debido a que la salud y el bienestar de nuestros pacientes es un resultado directo de nuestros esfuerzos unidos, trabajamos por un objetivo común trabajando juntos, cooperativamente, respetando la contribución de los demás a este noble y gran esfuerzo.

Como lo logramos

Logramos el éxito cuando todas las personas de esta empresa trabajan por un objetivo común. Somos un equipo dedicado al éxito de los demás, de la empresa y, sobre todo, de nuestros pacientes. Brindamos atención y servicio de calidad distintiva de gran valor para nuestros pacientes.

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